Lambswool Collection

100% lambswool collection

High Fibre felted yarns are hand made in the U.K from Lambswool spun in Scotland.

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extreme felt

A gorgeously thick but soft and lightweight yarn for those extreme projects!

Available as 50g balls in the Mono, Shadow and Tweed ranges.

The Mono range uses solid colours only.

The Shadow range uses a mix of graded tones of three (or more) solid colours.

The Tweed range uses a mix of two colours together.

supreme felt

A slightly finer version of the extreme felt. Available as 25g hanks, 50g hanks or by the metre in Mono colours only.

needle sizes

12mm-20mm depending on choice of stitch and project. The smaller the needle size the heavier the knitting!

shade card

To view the colour range please download the shadecard (pdf) The colours are intended as a guide only. For exact colour matching please refer to yarn samples.

tips on using the lambswool collection

If the tension is too tight the fabric will feel hard and more yarn is used this way. For a looser knit try using a larger sized needle.

A new hank may be joined in by knotting the ends but this can look unsightly and uses a bit more yarn. For a neater finish lay the end of the yarn flat over the new end overlapping by about 1cm and sew in place using thread or yarn in a matching colour.

No need to press your article although giving it a light steam will even out kinks in the yarn.

washing instructions

As with all woollen articles care should be taken in washing your finished items. Can be hand washed at 30 degrees or use a cool delicate wool cycle in the machine with the addition of a little fabric conditioner added to the final rinse if desired.

If in any doubt hand wash only and never tumble dry!