Denim Collection

denim collection

High Fibre denim yarns are made from 100% indigo dyed cotton spun in the UK. Hard wearing but with a soft handle they are available in tones of blue that will gradually fade over time. The indigo dye will not transfer on to hands when working with it.

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fine denim

The thinnest of the denim yarns and most suitable for lighter weight projects in mid indigo only.

Available as 25g hanks, 50g hanks or by the metre.

medium denim

Slightly thicker than the fine denim the light indigo mix is a combination of two shades of cotton knitted together giving it a distressed appearance.

Available as 25g hanks, 50g hanks or by the metre.

heavy denim

Suitable for heavier weight projects in tonal shades of dark and mid indigo.

Available as 25g hanks, 50g hanks or by the metre.

needle sizes

8mm - 12mm depending on choice of stitch and project.

tips on using the denim collection

If the tension is too tight the fabric will feel hard and more yarn is used this way. For a looser knit try using a larger sized needle.

A new hank may be joined in by knotting the ends together but this can look unsightly and uses a bit more yarn. For a neater finish lay the end of the yarn flat over the new end overlapping by about 1cm and sew in place using thread or a yarn in a matching colour.

No need to press your finished article although giving it a light steam will even out any kinks in the yarn.

washing instructions

Washing either by hand or machine at 40 degrees will result in the yarn fading naturally over time. To maintain the original colour hand wash or use a cool delicate wool cycle in the machine at 30 degrees. A touch of fabric conditioner may be added to the final rinse if desired.

If in doubt hand wash only and never tumble dry!